Company Profile

Company overviews, history and group partners

Hong Kong office

Hong Kong office

NSD Seimitsu Company Limited

Suite 807, 8/F, World Finance Centre North Tower,
19 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
TEL (852) 3100 0927

China factory

China factory

Dongguan DS Metal Works Co., Ltd.

No 82, San Jiang Industrial Park, Heng Li, Dongguan, Guangdong, China (Postal Code: 523460)
TEL (86) 0769-8118 0638

Vietnam factory


DYNAOX Vietnam Corp.,Ltd.

AMV Factory,Road N2,Section A,Hoa Mac Industrial Park,Duy Tien District,Ha Nam Province,Vietnam

Established: December 2001
Capital: HKD18 million
Annual Sales: HKD48 million (Y2014)
Fiscal Year End: December
President, C.E.O: Fujio Sakamoto
Number of employees: 82 (April, 2015)
Products: Precision cutting, grinding and coating work on Aluminum / Steel
Production: 320,000 pieces / month
Main Customers: Fuji Xerox of Shenzhen Ltd.
Ricoh Asia Industry (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Konica-Minolta Business Technologies (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd.
SYNZTEC Office Equipment Parts (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

NSD – Business


Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel

Processing Capability

  • Precision cutting: max OD φ150, max length L450
  • Machining: max OD φ60, max length L400, max grinding length 500mm (external cylindrical grinding machine).
  • End machining: max OD φ60
  • Press fit: press-fit pins and flange
  • Punching: U-cut, location hole, bending, etc.
  • Machining process: milling, drilling, tapping, etc.
  • Inner coating: Okitsumo
  • Annealing treatment: max 600℃
  • Phosphate treatment (Parkerizing): PB-880, FT-7 (Steel core products)
  • Urethane coating: electrical conductive and non-conductive
  • Ceramic coating: electrical non-conductive

NSD – Production Equipment / Measuring Equipment

CNC Lathe End turning machine

  • Mori-Seiki CL-253 1, CL-1500 1

Both-ends turning machine

  • Eguro BSM300 1, BSM400 1, BSZ600S 3
  • Fastcut CY60125-270 2
  • Soco DEF-FA/52 1

Outside diameter turning machine

  • Eguro RL700 4
  • Mori-Seiki SL-154 1
  • Okuma LBR-370 1
  • Leadwell T-6 2

Grinding In-Feed type

  • KOYO KC400 1

Through-Feed type

  • WuXi M10100 (200mm) 5, M11100A (400mm) 2

Cylindrical type

  • Shanghai Third.Machining 2

Press fit

  • Vertical type: Shinko 2
  • Horizontal type: OKA 2

Others Punching machine

  • MingBao MY-5 2
  • ShiQing TUP3T 3

Milling machine

  • Kokubo 2

Drilling machine

  • XiFu ZHX-13 1

Inside coating machine

  • Musashino 1

Outer coating machine

  • In house made 1
  • Eitoku 1

MVAST 1 Oven

  • ETAC HT350S 1
  • Yuefat YFR-600 1
  • Eitoku KX132 1

Measuring Equipment

  • Laser measurement: Mitsutoyo LS-5501 LS-5501 1, Keyence LSM6000 3、ShenLan L160 1
  • Surface Roughness: Tokyo-Seimitsu SurfCom 480A 2
  • Optical Comparator: Shinko VS-305 1
  • Microscope : Nikon CFI60 1

Company History

December: Established as joint venture by 3 companies

June: Started factory operation in Shenzhen and started delivery of Aluminum mirror finished Transfer Belt Drive Rollers.

January: Monthly production reached over 100,000 pieces
June: Started delivery of flared thin wall steel Fuser Roller Cores.

January: Started delivery of straight thin wall steel Fuser Roller Cores.

January: Monthly production reached over 150,000 pieces

June: Changed company structure to joint venture by 2 companies.
August: Monthly production reached over 200,000 pieces
September: Start delivery of urethane coated Transfer Belt Drive Rollers
December: Monthly production reached over 250,000 pieces

September: ISO9001/14001 certified

June: Made plans to move factory to Dongguan
October: Moved sample production facility to Dongguan

April: Completed removal of entire factory and started mass production in Dongguan. Parkerizing facility started production

November: Renewed ISO9001/14001 certificate

June: Relocated to Sanjiang Industrial Park in Hengli, Dongguan

June: Added machinery for machining process.

April: Received license to establish production site in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam