Enhance Heat Transfer

Fuser Rollers in copy machines are mainly made from aluminum and steel. In recent years, parts in copy machines are required to reduce its power consumption by shortening warm-up time.
Reducing wall thickness of the roller is one possible solution to achieve shorter warm-up time and reduce power consumption.

Aluminum Steel
Specific Heat Capacity (J/gK) 0.88 0.44
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) 204 53

Our factory has the ability to provide thin-wall steel rollers of material thickness down to 0.2mm. For this type of metal rollers, we usually add an anti-rust coating with Parkerizing. For Fuser Roller which requires heat resistance, we apply Parkerizing to heat-resistive material to create phosphate treated heat resistive rollers. A black heat-resistive fluorine coating is applied to the inner wall of a Fuser Roller to increase its heat absorption rate.

(Inner Wall Coating Machine)