Q. What types of material do you usually use?

A. Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, etc.
We mainly use 6063, 5052, 5056 aluminum; 303, 304 stainless steel; STKM 11, HT590 steel; etc.
If you are interested in other materials which are not listed above, please contact us.

Q. Where do you source your materials?

A. We source our materials from Japan, China, and Taiwan. We source our materials based on customer expectations on quality and cost.

Q. What is your processing range?

A. Cutting: max OD φ150, max length 450mm, Grinding: max ODφ60, max length 500mm

Q. What are the machines that you have?

A. We have CNC machines (end turning, both-ends turning, cylindrical turning, etc.), grinding machine (stationary grinding, straight grinding, etc.), other machines processing cylindrical workpiece (pipe, rounded bar, arrow-shaped tube, etc.). Besides that, we also have milling machines and machining machines.
Please access our homepage to see all of our equipment.

Q. Can you export your products?

A. Yes, we can export our products. We can delivery our products domestically and internationally to customer’s designated location.

Q. Do you have production site besides the China factory?

A. We have decided to set up a factory in Vietnam near Hanoi in 2015.

Q. Regarding to RoHS, what are your measures to meet this standard?

A. Since we have cooperated with many Japanese partners, we are required to comply with strict Japanese Industrial Standard. We always require and remind our material suppliers to comply with RoHS and run frequent inspection on our materials and final products to make sure that none of them violates RoHS Directive.

Q. What are your surface treatments for metal roller? Moreover, do you accept providing service for surface treatment only?

A. We can provide in-house urethane coating, phosphate treatment (Parkerizing), and heat durable black coating services
Since we currently do not have plating and anodizing facilities, we will outsource those services.
Regarding to your second question, we do accept providing surface treatment only so please feel free to contact us

Q. Do you have any Japanese customers?

A. Most of our customers are Japanese companies.

Q. Which industry do most of your Japanese customers belong to?

A. Most of our customers such as Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Okidata belong to the Office Automation (OA) Industry that produces office machines like printer and copier.

Q. What are your anti-rust measures for metal products?

A. We use silicone gel and vacuum-pack (not 100% completely vacuumed) our products before storing them in an air-conditioned room.

Q. Do you accept small order quantity?

A. Basically, we accept any quantity (we will consult corresponding price).

Q. How can I obtain samples?

A. We are able to provide sample from one unit therefore please feel free to contact us.

Q. Do you have any certificate like ISO for your production system?

A. We have received ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications in 2007

Q. How many employees do you have at your factory?

A. We have about 80 workers and 15 administrative staff.