Turning is a machining process which uses a chuck to position a rotating workpiece so that a tool bit can cut and form a desired shape.

Our factory mainly uses NC lathes which we can control the processing steps by way of computer program (e.g. cutting speed, cutting depth, feed rate of tool bit, etc.)
Since our main products are rollers, we usually fix our rotating workpiece on the lathe and turn it with constant cutting speed and feed rate.
By using computer programs, we can manage and control product requirements such as outer diameter tolerances, surface roughness, etc. to minimize defects.
We have the ability to process workpieces to form many shapes such as straight pipes or flared pipes.

  • ○ Flared range of outer diameter: φ0.15mm (difference between left and right ends is less than 15μm)
  • ○ Outer diameter tolerances: less than ±15μm
  • ○ Surface roughness: less than Ra0.08(μm)
  • ○ Circumference run-out: less than 15μm