Prevent Effects of Harmful Substances

A surface can be well protected from the effects of substances by adding a fluorine coating.
Water, oil and dirt will not cause significant impact on a surface thus giving it characteristics of dirt repellent, adhesion resistance, and liquid resistance.

Fluorine Coating (Conductive, Non-Conductive) (Developed Product)

A fluorine coating guards a surface against various liquids (water, oil, etc.) which attracts dirt, dust and fine powder. Thus, a surface with fluorine coating is expected to be safeguarded from contamination.

Useful for applications requiring non-stick and heat resistance


Below photo on the left illustrates the effect of fluorine coating when a drop of olive oil is added to a curved surface. The oil maintains its droplet state without dribbling down a fluorine coated surface. On the other hand, the oil dribbles down the surface without the coating as shown in the middle and right photos. This is an example of oil repellent characteristic of fluorine coating.

<With fluorine coating>

Olive oil maintains its liquid droplet state without dribbling down

<Without fluorine coating>

Olive oil dribbles down on the curved surface